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Homeschooling- Not just for nerds and weirdos!

Welcome to the Homeschooling end of my busy life! Where learning meets up with laundry and Rock band. Why not?  Doesn't Latin, Tide and the Beatles mix to make well rounded learning?

Our decision to homeschool was made before we even had children. I refused to send my children to California public schools (say what you will, but I grew up in them so I have first hand experience). When my 2 year old son started reading and doing math- the decision was set in stone.
Now, we thank God for the opportunity to homeschool both our children, with quite a bit of success!

I tend to shy away from bragging about it and my children because, well it's annoying and abrasive to many people. The problem with that is people tend to judge me on the fact that I homeschool without seeing just how well it works! So, in my blog you will read my telling of homeschool- not to brag about my children, but to show an ACTUAL experience in homeschooling.