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Curriculum Reviews and recsources

All of this is part of the Homeschooling experience, not just cramming information into small minds, but creating experiences and leading them toward the life God intends for them specifically. If there is something they do not enjoy learning, we keep trying different things until they learn the skills needed in a way they enjoy.

Allowing them to pursue certain areas that they immensely enjoy helps us all to understand the gifts that God has given them and allows us to lead them closer to His will in their life.


-Explode the code (both my kids learned to read with these)
-Leapfrog "Letter Factory" and "Word Factory" dvd's


-LOVE the "memorize in Minutes" Times tables at  it uses pictures and stories to learn X
-Just bought the Math U See Delta for Division, haven't used it yet
-LifePac Math has been a great supplemental curriculum, but it tends to be daunting and boring, so we only use it as a       supplement
-Horizon Math for K is colorful and fun for Hannah


-We watch a lot of Bill Nye and Magic Schoolbus when they go along with our subject, I edited out Bills opening with the "ape to man" bull
-I own the "God's Design" series from answers in Genesis, but they are just OK. I can get the same information online in seconds and the books are boring. A bit of a waste of money. Some of the "science" in it is iffy.
-The "Real Science-4-Kids" by R.W. Keller are awesome books. Colorful hard bound books contain great information put into easy to understand terms. These are REAL science books.


-Josiah Loves the "Cool devotional for boys"  Gotta have God from Legacy Press. It is a spiral bound devotional that has activities to do with each devotional. Fully self lead. They have many different versions and age groups.
-Hannah has been doing a devotional coloring book "Living for Jesus" from Concordia Publishing House We discuss the scripture and the picture that goes with it.


-We just go through the "Complete book of Language Arts & Complete book of Grammer" tear out pages. I love the "Complete book of"  sets and have them for every subject. 
-Instead of definitions he has created his own growing dictionary when we come across a word he doesn't know.
-We also learn the derivatives of many words and that flows over into a lot of other words. Learning that Poly means many helps him figure out any word with Poly in it. It has helped quite a bit.
-I purchased some editing and derivative workbooks for next year


- "The History of the World" by Susan Bauer is AMAZING. Josiah absolutely loves it. We started with Book 1 "Ancient Times" and it is written simply and in a story form so that it is not just a bunch of facts. We do a timeline book along with it and summarize each story on the back of an index card with a photo on the front. We keep all these cards on a ring and can go back in time to compare things. He loved this so much, we have purchased the next book in the series and plan on using them all for history. 


-Right now we are reading "The NeverEnding Story" as a family.

-Hannah is in Gymnastics and Josiah will be starting Football. They also attend church and an amazing Co-op twice a month where they learn from incredibly intelligent women and hang out with amazing children.

-For Music, our family chooses to play Beatles Rock band together and discuss music history with daddy. Josiah has a gift for singing and has been working on the Rock band drums. Hannah likes to sing, but is still too young to play an instrument.

-Hannah helps with dinner and both children help with house hold chores including laundry.